Service Areas

Microcontrollers and embedded systems - from 8-bit 8051, 6805, 6502, AVR, PIC to 16 and 32-bit PIC, ARM, MIPS, and x86. Smartcards, SIM cards, RFID proximity cards. System-on-chip (SOC)
Working with devices from Atmel, Broadcom, Conexant, Freescale, Infineon, Microchip, NXP, Spansion, ST, Texas Instruments, also many Chinese manufacturers.

Security – code protection, knowledge of deprotection techniques helps keep your product secure. Legacy production code can be retrieved in binary format, after the source files have been lost.

QC and anticounterfeiting – understand what is inside the “black box” devices your business depends on, from consumer electronics to ICs and ASICs.

IC decapsulation and microphotography – high-resolution die photos, from megapixel to gigapixels.

Advanced IC study – microprobing, delayering, memory extraction. Fault injection – clock glitching, voltage glitching. Power analysis.

Software analysis – application software and embedded firmware can be analyzed to locate bugs and security flaws, as well as better understanding protocols for interoperability. Disassembly with IDA and custom tools and simulators.

Test equipment and specialized devices – development of custom solutions for reliability testing, device analysis, and prototyping.

Cryptographic systems – hands-on experience with high-security cryptosystems – DES/3DES, AES, RSA, SHA, Skipjack

Networking – Internet TCP/IP, web applications, email security.

MPEG2, MPEG4, DVB transport streams, conditional access systems, ATSC digital television.

Board-level to wide-area networks – asynchronous serial (UART), synchronous serial, I2C, SPI, 1-wire, JTAG, CAN bus, MPEG transport streams, ethernet, GSM and SMS, analysis of unknown/nonstandard protocols.

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